Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How Do I Find The Latest Tech Info

Being interested in the latest Tech info is a hobby of mine, many people have asked me how do I get to know such info so early on.  This is where I give you my geek insider tip on how I stay up on all the latest Tech info. 
Photo Credit by Brooke Novak

The Tech Industry is by far one of the hardest industries to keep up with due to the rate at which it rapidly evolves in comparison to other industries. 

My first tip on how to stay up on the latest Tech trends and info is to make a list of popular Tech websites which I visit every now and again, when visiting these site I always sign up for their email newsletter as this allows me to get in further inside the Tech circle.

Here's my list of Tech companies I follow;

  1. Tech.London - A supporting platform connecting the entrepreneur ecosystem in London, a collaboration between Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Gust (Startup and Investor Hub), IBM and a wide number of partners from the London Tech community.
  2. Techcrunch -  One of the top leading technology media sites, providing the latest news on startup, new internet products and breaking tech news.
  3. Mashable - A leading source for news, information and resources for the connected generation.
  4. VentureBeat - A leading source on tech innovation.  Giving context to help execs, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts make smart decisions.
  5. Wired - The latest Tech, Gadgets and Science, with news, reviews and a ton of tech info.
Tech.London is always going to be a great site for me due to the fact it's in my area so relevant jobs, events, startups, news, courses, investors etc.. are bound to give value to myself and my network.

Looking to see what upcoming Tech events is always a great way to stay in the know.  You can either choose to go to these events which is an amazing to meet and network with others from the Tech industry, or you can choose to follow them live online as they happen either by live streams or live social media updates.  

Mostly at these Tech events there will be the latest news on current Tech info, the latest Startups will be there doing the following; Getting there Startup some media exposure, meeting others to grow their network, looking for Investors to come on board.  You will also find Tech Influencers there in full force these are individuals may be on the look out for Startups to invest in, to get their selves more media exposure by giving talks and to grow their ever expanding network of Tech followers.

Following Tech Leaders is another way of how I stay up to date on current Tech gossip as these individuals are always first in the know and they often share their news with there networks.

In my next post I tell you the list of Tech Leaders which I follow and how I keep tabs on them, See - What Tech Leaders Use Social Media