Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Are The Best Self Help Books?

There are literally hundreds and thousands of Self Help books out there, so how do you know which ones are any good?

The way I decide is to look at the people I actually know and trust and ask a bunch of them "Hey Billy-Bob do you know any good self help books" by the way I don't actually know anyone called Billy-Bob.  From this I get a trusted answers back and some possible feedback on some self help books, this information that comes back to helps me to decide which book to chose.
A big deciding factor is if 2 or more people recommend the same book to me then I know this one is as you say "A Keeper"

The first ever self help book I read was The Secret - by Rhonda Byrne I stumbled upon this book after getting made redundant when a company I worked for went bust, things were really going tough for me and this book just landed in my lap some how.  I will say that this had no recommendation at the time but I can vouch that this book picked me up off of the canvas and gave me a new lease of life and put me back on track to my old positive self.

My next Self Help book up is The 4-Hour Work Week; Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and join the New Rich - By Timothy Ferris,

This book was recommended to the young and amazing Beau Pinto who from Toronto Canada who followed me on Twitter and we then went on to talk on Skype where chatted about what were up to. The next day Beau sent me his audio collection of Twitter tips and tactics for free which were totally cool.

Now I would say this book is more for Corporate Career Individuals or those in a Managerial Role/Sales Role and isn't for every one, only because of the types of topics and subjects it covers. But the cool things I got from it was how to free up your time, minimize distractions from your daily life and mainly how you can outsource some of the mundane time consuming task in your life.

So if you fit in that box then I highly recommend The 4-Hour Work Week!

I am currently 3 quarters through Your Network Is Your Networth by Porter Gale which was recommended to me by over 5 of my trusted friends, check back to hear what I thought 
about it.


Please check back here as I will be added more books I recommend after reading them.