Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Are The Best Social Media Books

Social media is one of my specialties and to many I am consider a social media evangelist... But I wasn't always amazing a social media like everyone when learning something new you start with either very little or no knowledge.  So What I did is the same thing I always do, I look for the experts and see what books they've wrote and I read them.  

Note: You must chose the expert to research who is an expert in the field you wish to broaden your knowledge on.

One of the first social media experts I found was Neal Schaffer CEO of Maximize Your Social and an International social media speaker, trainer and social business consultant and coach.  I could clearly see Neal had made so a lot of connections and was respected and valued by a lot of others after reading through his extensive amount of LinkedIn recommendations.  I then began searching for books Neal had written and discovered he had wrote a few and after looking at them to decide which one to read I chose..

Maximize Your Social.  

I know my strategy works,'Find The Experts and Read Their Book'  .. because I am deemed an expert in social media by many others and have consulted hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners on how they can use social media to get gains for their-selves or their businesses.

Another area I'm known for being formidable in is LinkedIn, whilst I found many greats tips online there is nothing to compare with my old faithful strategy of 'Find The Experts and Read Their Book' so I applied the same strategy here again and found LinkedIn Expert Melonie Dodaro Ceo of Top Dog Social Media and her book I chose to read was the International #1 Bestseller...

The LinkedIn Code 

Next up to bat is an extremely interesting book I read, this book was not entirely targeted at one are of social media like Facebook or Twitter but was about how things go viral and why people share the stories they do.

This book could totally put a business on the map if they were to get the fundamentals that this book explains and by reading this it could just release their eureka moment.  This book was written by a man called Jonah Berger who is a Professor at The Wharton School and also Author of the amazing New York Times Bestseller..

Contagious: Why Things Catch On.