Monday, February 15, 2016

Does Harvard Have Free Online Courses?

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Harvard is the creme de la creme of Universities and one of if not the One that most of us would like to be associated with.  You're most likely thinking yeah Harvard if me and my family refinance everything we own then...

Well there is some good news as Harvard do offer free online courses on a first come first serve basis, there is a choice of different courses all of them are free but there is also an optional choice to pay a price of between $29-$90 for a Verified certificate which you could add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.  As I said optional but personally I would take the verified certificate all day long as adding this little addition of 'being schooled by Harvard Professors' will sit nicely on your resume and help you to stand out from the crowd.

There are currently 865 courses available of which 684 are verified courses, this is a great freebie to boost your knowledge, resume and profile.  But what's also amazing about this is you will get to expand your network in to the realms of those who have been surrounded by some of the worlds greatest minds.

So if you are looking for a free awesome course resource "Hey that rhymes".. moving on then take a look to see what course floats your boat! 

Click the link to view courses -

Note: The courses are also provided by other amazing universities such as the Wharton University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University so if you want to be assosiated with Harvard you will need to look at who is running the course