Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Do You Tag Someone On Instagram

This is Part 2 of 4 posts where I show you how to mention someone, tag someone and how to use relevant hashtags on Instagram, then I'll show you how using these simple Instagram techniques got David Beckham to like my Instagram post by total accident. 

Here's how to Tag someone on Instagram

There are 2 ways to tag someone the first is to tag them as you are actually sharing and the seconds is to tag people to a photo that you have already previously shared.

Here's how to Tag someone as you're are actually sharing your post.

  • Tap Tag People from the share screen.
  • Tap on someone in the photo.
  • Start entering in the persons name or username and a dropdown menu will begin to automatically generate, select the person from the dropdown.  If you don't see the person you're looking for, enter the person name and tap Search for just below.
Here's how to Tag someone in a post you have already shared.

  • Got to the photo/post
  • Tap  the symbol  (Apple iOS) or thesymbol  (Android) below the photo
  • Tap Tag People.
Note: This feature is currently only available for Apple iOS and Android apps.