Friday, February 26, 2016

What Is The Best Google Plus Software

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Circloscope is a great piece of Google Plus software which I have had success with.  I will admit I have only used this twice in the past year but have gained over 1000 followers doing so, not bad for 20 minutes of my time!
"So.. I'll definitely be using it a heck of a lot more from now on!"

You can buy an annual license of Circloscope for $47 which covers you for 1 Google plus personal profile and 3 business pages.  

There is also a Free Version which does everything that the premium version does apart from mass adding and removing people.  To be honest the mass adding and removing feature was the one I used the most!

You can upgrade your free version to a premium at any time. 

Here's the link for the free version - Circloscope Free and a link to their YouTube channel to learn how to use Circloscope.