Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Have An Idea For A Product... Now What?

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Have you ever thought of an idea for a product but just didn't know where to start..?!, below are 2 simple steps to get you up and running faster.

Step 1. Create A Prototype Yourself And Sell It On

This is a great way to test out the market to see firstly if your product is in high demand and secondly to gather feedback from your customers on how you could improve your product further. is just one place to setup a free online store, I will say that it is more suited to the following product types; jewelry, art & collectibles, weddings, home and living and vintage.  If this doesn't fit you product or still proves to challenging then move swiftly on to step 2.

Step 2. Partner With A Design Company

Partnering with a trusted design firm that you know has experience is a amazing way to get your product moving forward a lot faster, the individuals at these firms do this kind of thing day in & day out.  They help you make sense of your idea by quickly building a prototype, helping you get a patent should you need one and by simply accelerating your idea into a fully fledged product.  

You can setup the payment method in a few ways depending on the policies of the design company.  Offering a sales royalty back to the design firm means you won't have to pay any cash up-front.  You can also choose to invest money up-front in exchange for complete control or an equity exchange may be a viable option.

RootStrap.It a design firm with an outside of the box thinking approach and positive outlook on every idea they are approach with.