Saturday, February 25, 2017

What do you want..?!

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What do You want..?!

The burning question that we ask ourselves at various points in our life, yes it does change and yes once we get it we either move straight on to the next thing or realise that it's not actually as amazing as we thought it would be.
For me family, time & happiness, purpose. This is my 'Life Priority List' which are the top most important things that really matter to me and my life.
I said to myself that under no circumstances would I let anything get in the way of my 'Life Priority List' such as money, power or materialistic stuff!
I completely understand that most people are ambitious and career driven as I was like that once to.
These days I am a husband and a father first and everything else comes second, I imagined being in my 90's sitting in my chair reminiscing on my life I know already that I will never regret not spending time with my family over making a buck.
Materialistic things hold no deep value to me as I know that Yeah they're great initially but then the faze is over very swiftly. I take plenty of holidays, I have ample time and all the money I will ever need and that's why I won't let any major distraction interfere with my list.
Earlier this year in January I had 3 job offers and its for this very reason is why I haven't taken any of them... Protect the Life Priority List!

One offer was in-house which I immediately dismissed to the disbelief of my boss.

The 2nd offer came from Brian Solis LinkedIn Influencer, digital analyst, speaker and author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, although I didn't take this role I loved the fact that I can help Brian from where ever I am and when ever I want.

Number 3 came from Alfie Best the self made multi millionaire of Wyldecrest Parks a £200 million business, the job was to be Alfie's right hand man and in charge of his PR as his public relations assassin.
These opportunities that landed in my lap may be amazing but I have to stay dedicated to my list. I'm already happy so why try to fix something that isn't broken.
So before you think your life sucks and it could be better, let me tell you there are a ton of unhappy people at top companies like Facebook and Uber who are chasing the corporate dream whilst getting the passion sucked out of them... Or so they tell me!
I urge you to make your Life Priority List and focus on keeping it simple and guarding it at all cost!
"I'd Love to hear about what you really want in the comments below"