Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Importance of Social Media Branding in Business

Social Media has exploded onto the scene and is still continuing to do so, a day doesn't go by where another social media platform pops up and everyone and the cat's mother jump's on board.  For this very reason is why Social Media Branding in business is so crucially important.  This is your opportunity to give yourself and your company a voice in the digital world and also the opportunity to set the style of your social branding.

If done correctly you can use this to drive traffic, sell products, build an email list, content market, advertise and much more. Importantly it lets you build relationships, trust and loyal fans that will help spread your message if you put the work in.

Social Media Branding is the image you are giving out online which sets how others perceive your Brand, as we all know in business image is everything!

Top 2 Social Branding To-Do's to Raise Your Brand

1) Align yourself with other successful individuals in your industry and share it on social this automatically changes how others perceive you... Because You Have Social Proof! 

The fans of the successful people deem you to be successful if they see you are connected in some way. For example; 

  • They follow you on social media
  • You photographed together 
  • The recommend you online (LinkedIn, Blog Post, Article on Major Site)

2) Communicate and engage with people on social, social media is a tool so try the following to see what works for your particular type of business.

Engage with your Target Market - Ask people questions!

" What do want from a/the >insert your product here<"

           "How could it be better?. 

As well as getting amazing consumer feedback it also shows that you value their opinion which could convert into a sale, share or future customer.

Communicate with influencers In Your Industry

These people have already done the groundwork for you so by communicating publicly lets you be seen by their followers who then get to know who you are.  This can lead to follows, sales, traffic, sign-ups, exposure etc...

You noticed I highlighted the words Target Market and In Your Industry, because as a business these are the types of people you want to be speaking with/to online.

I use a fantastic tool called Audiense. Here's a couple of short videos showing how to use Audiense to find these people.

How To Locate Influencers In Your Industry

How To Locate Your Customers From Twitter Using Audiense